Yes, this is a blog dedicated to the marvelous world of vinyl records. Yes, I am the dude who writes the blog posts and put this whole thing together. My name is Matt Carlson. I am a dude with a voracious appetite for music (with a waistline to match said appetite) and I want to share my passion and thoughts about enjoying music on vinyl with other vinyl lovers and those new to the cause. But no, I don't consider myself a collector.

Wait, what?!? You read that correctly. I'm not a collector. I am a listener, a lover of music and I am driven by a passion for vinyl. But, I am not collecting it in the same way that I'd capture butterflies and pin them to a display board. The records that I own are, to me anyway, a physical manifestation of the sounds of my life.

Digging for records and listening back through your catalog is akin to time travel. You can find points in history on a slab of wax and sling yourself back to a specific place and time with not only the music, but with the recorded artifact itself.

If you've read this far, you're likely a vinyl lover too. Wax & Wane is designed to be a place where I can share my joys of digging, listening and searching with other lovers of vinyl. I'm thrilled to be able to share my ideas, thoughts, successes and failures with you and I hope you'll join me and tell me about that record you'll never live without or the Holy Grail you've been hunting down for years. The only thing I am more excited about than sharing my stories, is hearing yours. 

Let's get listening!


Photo by Jake McCarthy

Photo by Jake McCarthy