After a 23 months hiatus, the Wax & Wane podcast returns. Matt explains why he abandoned you all and then dives into the subject of burning punk artifacts out of protest and the new turntable from Detroit watchmaker Shinola. We also take a look back at the monumental losses that the music world has experienced in 2016 and things finish up with a gem you might find in the bargain bin at your local shop in an installment called Dollar Bin Darlings. 

Episode 010 - It Was Supposed To Be About Otis Edition


Episode 010 started as a conversation between Matt and Dan McKernan about Dan's Primer piece on Otis Redding. Instead, the two of them had a 90 minute conversation about music, music lineage, audiophiles for fathers, playing in local bands and general music geekery that skirted the edges of Otis Redding's legacy. It's a terrific - if meandering conversation. Enjoy.

Episode 009 - Cut Your Own Records Edition


On Episode 009, Matt runs through a bunch of tour dates and music news, then follows it up with a rambling diatribe on the stupidity of the Grammy Awards. Add to that a discussion of a new technology that might allow vinyl lovers the ability to cut their own LPs and another entry for the Reissue Wish List and it all adds up to another hour of vinyl nerdery.

Episode 008 - Tough Week For Rock 'N Roll Edition


Ian McLagan of The Small Faces, The Faces and many other musical entities died this week as did Bobby Keys, the longtime sax player for The Rolling Stones. On this episode, Matt looks at the holes left behind by these legendary sidemen. There's also a look at the deeper reasons why he loves (and needs) vinyl and a rundown regarding what he saw on his trip to a nearby shop on Record Store Black Friday. Plus, John Cale gets an entry on the Reissue Wish List and a whole lot more.

Episode 007 - Thanksgiving Edition


Matt starts the long holiday weekend with a guilt filled rant around the Thanksgiving holiday that morphs into a discussion of entry-level cartridges and the last of his ideas for your holiday wish list. There is also a functioning turntable made from Legos, a tale of crate digging glory and of course, another the reissue wish list.

Episode 006 - We've Got The Beats Edition


This time around, Matt wonders how Apple's plan with the Beats Streaming service will affect music sales and the state of physical media. Plus, he takes that issue a step further by investigating a new piece in the Atlantic Monthly on how record labels are using the Shazam app to predict the next hit record. There is also a recap of Matt's recent haul at Vertigo Records in Grand Rapids, excitement of the Ride reunion announcement and a plea to get a very special Pernice Brothers record issued on vinyl. There is a lot here to digest. You best get started.

Episode 005 - Music Ain't Free


Matt saunters up to his old man high horse again and jumps on for a rant about You Tube's new streaming service. There are also a couple of deluxe gifts to add to your holiday wish list, a bit of news, the reissue wish list and some helpful tips for new and would be vinyl collectors. Saddle up!