After a 23 months hiatus, the Wax & Wane podcast returns. Matt explains why he abandoned you all and then dives into the subject of burning punk artifacts out of protest and the new turntable from Detroit watchmaker Shinola. We also take a look back at the monumental losses that the music world has experienced in 2016 and things finish up with a gem you might find in the bargain bin at your local shop in an installment called Dollar Bin Darlings. 

Episode 005 - Music Ain't Free


Matt saunters up to his old man high horse again and jumps on for a rant about You Tube's new streaming service. There are also a couple of deluxe gifts to add to your holiday wish list, a bit of news, the reissue wish list and some helpful tips for new and would be vinyl collectors. Saddle up!

Episode 004 - Would You Believe This Is Not Out On Vinyl?

On this week's episode, Matt shares ideas for the vinyl lover's holiday wish list and talks about a golden great from Elton John you can get on the cheap. He also rants and raves about the brilliant and largely unknown out of print 60's pop classic, Would You Believe by Billy Nicholls. There's also some music and vinyl news, a good-natured jab at KISS and more.