Episode 010 - It Was Supposed To Be About Otis Edition


Episode 010 started as a conversation between Matt and Dan McKernan about Dan's Primer piece on Otis Redding. Instead, the two of them had a 90 minute conversation about music, music lineage, audiophiles for fathers, playing in local bands and general music geekery that skirted the edges of Otis Redding's legacy. It's a terrific - if meandering conversation. Enjoy.

Episode 008 - Tough Week For Rock 'N Roll Edition


Ian McLagan of The Small Faces, The Faces and many other musical entities died this week as did Bobby Keys, the longtime sax player for The Rolling Stones. On this episode, Matt looks at the holes left behind by these legendary sidemen. There's also a look at the deeper reasons why he loves (and needs) vinyl and a rundown regarding what he saw on his trip to a nearby shop on Record Store Black Friday. Plus, John Cale gets an entry on the Reissue Wish List and a whole lot more.

Episode 004 - Would You Believe This Is Not Out On Vinyl?

On this week's episode, Matt shares ideas for the vinyl lover's holiday wish list and talks about a golden great from Elton John you can get on the cheap. He also rants and raves about the brilliant and largely unknown out of print 60's pop classic, Would You Believe by Billy Nicholls. There's also some music and vinyl news, a good-natured jab at KISS and more.